AvivaSA 10th Anniversary Animation Video

Avivasa is an insurance company from Turkey. They wanted an animated presentation video in which all the highlights of the company would be told in a timeline basis. The challange was to design animations according to the dancers who would interact during the screening and doing it in an unusual aspect ratio like 40:7. I worked as the lead animator with a great help from my team.

Creative Agency: Karbonhidrat
Account Management: Çetin Cebi
Production Company: Alternatif Film
Creative Director: Hasan Serin
Storyboard Artist: Can Sübiler
Scene Design: Bergü Altun
Lead Animator: Ülgen Azeri
Animators: İbrahim Çakmak, Coşku Atalay
Additional Animation and thanks: Emirhan Akyüz

ClientAvivaSA Emeklilik ve HayatServicesMotion Graphics DesignYear2017Linkvimeo.com